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  • 6D Cycling Atlantic Way to Santiago

6D Cycling Atlantic Way to Santiago

8 Days / 7 Nights / 6 Cycling Days

From 905 €  

   8 days               Self guided Cultural Cycling Nature               Difficult Grade 3               Comfort Grade 4              1 to 8 people     

6D Cycling Atlantic Way to Santiago

This tour takes you along one of the most scenic paths of the St. James Way. Starting in the city of Porto, the route crosses the region of Minho and Galicia, following the coast, passing vineyards, forests and green hills until the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela. You will travel in time as you pass old towns, cathedrals and ancient bridges. Spend six days cycling, embracing the best of what nature and history have to offer you.  

Oia Monastery
Porto Ribeira district
Saint James Way
along the dunes at Azurara
Caravelle at Vila do Conde
Arcade Bridge
by the Camino
A Guarda
Caminha Ferry
The camino sign
River Neiva crossing
Leça Light House
Santiago de Compostela
Men Hybrid/Trekking Bike
Women Hybrid/Trekking Bike


  • Historic Centre of Porto, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Northern Littoral Natural Park
  • Different landscape along the St. James Way
  • Santiago de Compostela, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Detailed itinerary

Day 1  Arrival in Porto airport and transfer to the hotel
Option Comfort: América Hotel (Porto) Hotel 3* ou similar.
Option Superior: PortoBay Teatro Hotel ou similar.
Day 2  Cycle from Porto to Vila do Conde
Option Comfort: Brazão Hotel (Vila do Conde) Hotel 3* ou similar.
Option Superior: Santana Hotel & Spa (vila do Conde) Hotel 4* ou similar.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 3  Cycle from Vila do Conde to Viana do Castelo
Option Comfort: Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo) ou similar.
Option Superior: Casa Melo Alvim Hotel (Viana castelo) ou similar.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 4  Cycle from Viana do Castelo to Baiona
Option Comfort: Bahía Bayona Hotel Hotel 3* ou similar.
Option Superior: Parador de Baiona Hotel 4* ou similar.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 5  Cycle from Baiona to Pontevedra
Option Comfort: Avenida Hotel (Pontevedra) ou similar.
Option Superior: Galicia Palace Hotel (Pontevedra) ou similar.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 6  Cycle from Pontevedra to Padrón
Option Comfort: Rosalia Hotel (Padron) ou similar.
Option Superior: Pazo de Lestrove Hotel ou similar.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 7  Cycle from Padrón to Santiago de Compostela
Option Comfort: Windsor Hotel Hotel 2* ou similar.
Option Superior: Virxe da Cerca Hotel ou similar.
Meals: Breakfast
Day 8  Departure

Meals: Breakfast


    * Transfers specified in the itinerary
    * Luggage transfers as specified in the itinerary (1 piece luggage/pax)
    * Welcome briefing
    * GPS for navigation
    * Booklet with detailed information for your tour, including maps
    * Portuguese mobile phone
    * Phone assistance 24/7 during tour
    * 7 nights lodging on Superior(3*/4*) or Comfort (2*/3*) accommodations on BB basis.
    * Liability and personal accident insurance

   Not Included

    * Bicycle rent (see Bike Rental)
    * Second Luggage Transfer (up to 15kg)
    * Lunch and dinners
    * Personal expenses
    * Extra days for visit or rest


    * Second Luggage Transfer (up to 15kg)

   Bike Rental

    * 6 Day Cycling Trekking Bike rent (120€ per Bike)
    * 6 Day Cycling E-Bike Rent (150€ per E-Bike)
    Bike rental includes helmet, handlebar bag + small rear bag, pump, extra inner tube, toolkit and locks

   Optional services

    • Extra days for rest or Visits
    • Support vehicle (ask quotation)
    • Hybrid bike or E-Bike rental (see Bike Rental)

Choose your departure date later than 15/02/2023.

Keep in mind that the departure date should match with the day one of the program. If your flight to portugal envolves an overnight, please don’t consider that day.

Price lodging from:

  Option Comfort from:   € 905
  Option Superior from:   € 1.125

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6.2. If any of the services programmed for the trip cannot be provided for reasons that are not of the responsibility of the organizing agency, and if there is no possibility of replacing these services with something similar, the Client has the right to a refund that makes up for the difference between the price of the programmed services and those effectively provided.
7.1. The Client is allowed to cede his enrolment to another individual that fulfils all the conditions required for the specific trip, as long as the organizing agency is informed at least 21 days before the date scheduled for departure and the different service providers of the trip agree with the replacement. If these conditions are not met, it will be deliberated that the Client has withdrawn from the trip, according to the terms indicated in number 1.1.
7.2. The transferor and the assignee will be jointly responsible for the payment of the price of the trip and any additional expenses.
8.1. If the organizing agency, for reasons that are beyond its control, cannot provide one of the essential services included in the programme of the chosen trip, the Client will have the right to cancel his enrolment and be immediately offered a full refund, or he may choose to alter the choice of service or trip, with an equivalent price.
8.2. If for any reason beyond the agency’s control a trip has to be cancelled, the Client can choose between getting a full refund and changing his enrolment to another trip of the same price.
8.3. If the Client chooses a new trip that has a lower price, he will be given a refund of the remaining amount.
8.4. If the agency cannot grant the minimum number of participants defined in the trip’s programme, it can choose:
8.4.1. To proceed with the completion of the trip with a reduced number of participants, upon payment of an additional amount as indicated in number 4.4;
8.4.2. To cancel the trip at least 21 days before the date scheduled for departure, offering the Client a full refund of all amounts paid, without any liability on the part of the agency for this cancellation.
If the client withdraws from the contract prior to commencement of the journey or if he doesn’t take the trip, he will have to pay all the expenses that his enrolment and subsequent cancellation imply, and a surplus amount of up to 15% of the price of the trip. The Client will be refunded the difference between the amount already paid and the above mentioned costs.
9.1. Delays and Cancellations
If the Client does not show up on the day, time and place indicated for the beginning of the journey, this situation will be considered as:
9.1.1. Delay – in case the agency has been notified, the Client will be regrouped with the other participants and pay for the costs involved. No refund will be due by the agency for services not used by the Client.
9.1.2. Cancellation – in case the agency has not been contacted via phone or email and informed of the reason why the Client did not show up, no refund will be offered by the agency.
10.1. The agency will only accept written complaints that are presented to the office responsible for the enrolment and payment of the trip, within a period not exceeding 20 days after the end of the service provided. These complaints, according to the directive of the European Council, will only be considered if they have also been presented to the service suppliers (hotels, guides, local agents, etc.) during the course of the trip and, in this case, documents that confirm the occurrence will have to be provided by the Client.
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