Porto Green & Silver Coast
7 Days / 6 Nights / 5 Days Cycling

Douro valley and North Beiras
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7 days
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This tour is a gathering of several very beautiful areas of Portugal. The north and its green Minho the Silver Coast and the estuary of the Vouga River and Aveiro the little Venice of Portugal. And of Course Porto consid-ered the best travel plan of Europe.
Starting in the historical Viana do Castelo city, the gem of Minho, be-tween the sea, river and mountain, cycle path of easy cycling will take you south to Porto. Not without visiting the most ancient town of Portu-gal, Ponte de Lima. Its hoistorical legacy goes back to the romans and well beyond. Povoa de Vazim and Esposende are also of great signifi-cance to Portugal, its from here that the caravels saw the overseas and conquer the world, from Vila do Conde shipyards. One still waiting for you…
Cycling path are along the coast taking you to UNESCO heritage Porto. The Wine cellars, the medieval town, and the beautiful avenues are here for you. Good cuisine, superb night life and other experiences are avail-able.
South of Porto while cycling in flat country and along beach areas you get to Espinho. From here pine forest and sandy dunes make your way to Aveiro.
Following the estuary of the Vouga River little towns and amazing coun-tryside take you to the Canals of our Venice. Aveiro, the Moliceiro, colorful boats, now converted to be “gondulas” are placidly navigating thru Aveiro. The Salt marsh and the old town are of visit.


  Day   Itinerary  Overnight   Meals 
1 Arrival to Porto and transfer to Viana do Castelo Hotel 3*  Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo)
2 Cycle Viana to Ponte de Lima and back Hotel 3*  Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo) Breakfast
3 Cycle from Viana do Castelo to Vila do Conde Hotel 3*  Brazão Hotel (Vila do Conde) Breakfast
4 Cycle from Vila do Conde to Porto Hotel 3*  América Hotel (Porto) Breakfast
5 Cycle Porto to Esmoriz Hotel 3*  La Fontaine Hotel (Esmoriz) Breakfast
6 Cycle Esmoriz to Aveiro Hotel 3*  Veneza Hotel (Aveiro) Breakfast
7 Departure   

1: Arrival to Porto and transfer to Viana do Castelo

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo)

The day start with your reception at the airport, or other place previously arranged.
It follows an 1 h transfer to Viana do Castelo city and your accommodation.
After Check-in a comprehensive information pack will be handled to you.
Bike fitting follows to help you with the bikes adjusments.
Viana is waiting if you still have time, take a stroll or your bikes to the old medieval centre.
Visit the hilltop Zimborio, a litle uphill, there is a funicular... or the Hospital boat Museum.
Viana have a lot to offer…
Transfer to Viana do Castelo 1H

2: Cycle Viana to Ponte de Lima and back

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo)
Meals: Breakfast

Going along the river Lima, following the north shores, you’ll get to feel the countryside of the Minho Region.
The river offers very beautiful landscapes. From agricultural land and wilder areas you cycle thru rural areas.
The Bertiandes Lagoons are a natural protected area and not far from Viana do Castelo and near Ponte de Lima.
The oldest town in Portugal is he highlight of the day, Ponte de Lima.
The Cycle path will take you over the  old roman bridge into town.
The castle tower and ramparts are still there. The town square is typical of the Minho Region.
The coming back towards Viana do Castelo, is this time via the south bank of the river.
The scenary will be of wooden areas and agricultural farmland and villages are part of the afternoon ride.
All to reach the Eiffel bridge that carries cars and trains to Viana.
The old town, the Sé, and central square are the perfect area to end your day.
If not there is the wonderful sunset view from the Hilltop Church….
Cycle 56,9km | 4H»5H | + 460m | - 460m

3: Cycle from Viana do Castelo to Vila do Conde

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Brazão Hotel (Vila do Conde)
Meals: Breakfast

the path is leaving Viana do Castelo via the Eiffel iron bridge, south!  
Along the coastline toward Esposende you will be following the coast to the river Neiva crossing. Amoreira Beach is a pleasant place for a stop and swimm into the Atlantic! You will regoin the Saint James Path, at the Neiva old crossing bridge. It is still the same now for centuries, linking both sides via a stone pedestrian bridge.
Small typical villages  are by this historical path, Belinho is one of them...
Esposende by the cavado river estuary is the perfect place to stop for lunch.
The Litoral Norte natural area is just out of Esposende, a protected area of sandy dunes and pine woods.
Dedicated to be a sanctuary for birds.
Along agricultural land, vegetables , potatoes, onions and lot more are produced here and found their way into the wonderful cuisine of the region.  
Povoa de Varzim is near and is a well know beach area in the north of Portugal. Little more and Vila do Conde is reached.
Historical place of both the Saint James path and the shipyards of caravels, one still here to be visit…
Cycle 51,4km | 3H30»4H30 |+ 410m | -400m
Note: on the Budget version, the day is cycling Viana do Castelo to Povoa do Varzim

4: Cycle from Vila do Conde to Porto

Overnight: Hotel 3*  América Hotel (Porto)
Meals: Breakfast

Vila do Conde port is smal but carries the historical site of the building of vessels for the discoveries in the XIV and XV centuries.
Now until Porto the path will follow in the opposite direction the variant of Saint James Path, this time to Porto.
Cycling paths will lead you crossing sand dunes, a bird sanctuary  and hopping from beach to beach.
And even a Iron settlement unique as its the only one by the beach is all Iberian peninsula!!
Passing thru Matosinhos and its mobile bridge. Longing the Port and by the front Beach you reach the Fortress of Castelo do Queijo. You are entering Porto.
Continue cycling the lane and you’ll reach the mighty Douro river and soon the center UNESCO world heritage site.
One marvellous site, and once again history is present. By the river is of medieval times, as you start to climb away from the Douro...
The final pedaling stage is along XIII century town... And some from XIX c. to arrive at  your hotel.
Cycle 34,9km | 2H30»3H | + 470m | - 370m
Note: on the Budget verson, the day is cycling from Povoa do Varzim to Porto

5: Cycle Porto to Esmoriz

Overnight: Hotel 3*  La Fontaine Hotel (Esmoriz)
Meals: Breakfast

This day start crossing Porto old town, and across the Don Luis Bridge, design and planed by Gustave Eiffel.
Just after the Iron bridge the cellars of the famous Porto Wine, please remind that you are cycling, but do not forget a wine tasting sample...
Almost all the way to Espinho will follow a cycling path near the coastline.Crossing numerous small beaches.
Praia de Valadares, Francelos and Miramar are good spots to take a bath and enjoy the sun.
Praia de Miramar worth a stop to visit a small chapel by the sea, just off the waves, the Church of Senhor da Pedra.
The day ends at Espinho or Esmoriz (Comfort & Budget), another excellent spot by the sea with plenty to do and experience...
Note: on the Superoir versin, the day is cycling from Porto to Espinho
Cycle 33,4km | 2H30»3H | + 210m | -320m

6: Cycle Esmoriz to Aveiro

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Veneza Hotel (Aveiro)
Meals: Breakfast

An easy and enjoyable day by the sea, riding flat.
Pine forest trees and the Ria the Aveiro are sceneries that make the day prior to get to Aveiro.
The river Vouga Delta (Ria de Aveiro) was formed from de XVth century, with the sea retreat.
Nowadays it’s a favourite place to catch shellfish, and to enjoy water sports.
The dune system of São Jacinto is a Natural reserve.
Stop and walks along the beach in the sea front are excellent and birds lover are in a good area to watch wildlife.
Is at São Jacinto that you catch the ferry to Aveiro.
Aveiro is just a few minutes away with canals and “gondulas” in one authen-tic Venice stile…
Note: on Superior versin, this day is clycling from Espinho to Aveiro
Cycle 52,7km | 4H»5H |+ 280m | -300m

7: Departure


On this departure day a transfer will take you back to Porto, the airport or other lodging in the City.
You can ask for a latter transfer if you are staying in Porto, please inform us to check our availability.

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* Welcome transfer at Porto Airport or train Station to Viana do Castelo Hotel. (other please inquire)
* Briefing at the Hotel with handover of documentation and Gps Device for navigation.
* Gps For Navigation (How to use tuition at briefing).
* Booklet with detailed information for your tour, including maps.
* Luggage transfer during Hike, Hotel to Hotel (2 Piece per person)
* Phone assistance during all journey.
* Portuguese phone for assistance 24/7 .
* 7 nights lodging on Budget (Guest Houses / 1* / 2*), Comfort (2*/3*) or Superior (4*) accommodations on BB basis.
* Final Transfer from Hotel in Aveiro to Porto Airport, Train Station or Hotel
* Liability and personal accident insurance.

*  Lunch and diners
* Personal expenses.
* Taxi transfer not stated in Included
* Support vehicle during Cycling.
* Bike Rental (E-Bike / Trekking Bike)
Bike Rental

* 5 Day Cycling Trekking Bike rent (100€)
* 5 Day E-Bike Rent (115€ per E-Bike)
Bike rental includes Helmet, handlebar bag + small rear bag, pump, extra inner tube, toolkit and locks
Optional services

* Extra days for rest or Visits
* Support vehicle (ask quotation)
* Hybrid bike or E-Bike rental (see Supplement)

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