Cycling Santiago de Compostela to Porto
8 Days / 7 Nights / 6 Cycling Days

Douro valley and North
Nature Cycling Self guided
8 days
Level 3


The Saint James Way reverse to Porto, Galicia & Minho regions of the Iberian Peninsula.
The Saint James way is the backbone of this unique program who want to take you unveiling this unique brotherhood between north Portugal and Galicia. For centuries families and traditions were hand to hand and long before border this was one and only land.
Today both Santiago and Porto are cities with a lot to discover, find and enjoy, so why not link them!
This tour will take you along Galicia and the well known path of Saint James, in the opposite for sure! Historical towns, people and culture of the Galician will be with you. At all moments revealing you a region where the sea and mountains join to give you unforgettable sceneries of the rias. Places like Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra and Tuy are of immense importance in the way.
Once in Portugal, the Minho, cradle of Portugal will receive you. The traditions, the people and atmosphere will be related to the brothers of the north. Historical cen-ters towns and beautiful medieval squares will take your earth. First following the more traditional way until Portugal, then following the coastal path to the south.
Valença do Minho, Caminha and Viana do Castelo offering a unique character and placid ambiance.
And Porto at the end of the journey with the Douro River as picture. The well known Wine cellars of the Porto Wine and the unique Ribeira quarter UNESCO area.
This tour will be a melt of experiences from one part of the Iberian Peninsula.


  Day   Itinerary  Overnight   Meals 
1 Arrival at Porto airport and transfer to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Hotel 2*  Windsor Hotel
2 Cycle from Santiago to Padrón Hotel 2*  Rosalia Hotel (Padron) Breakfast
3 Cycle from Padrón to Pontevedra Hotel 2*  Avenida Hotel (Pontevedra) Breakfast
4 Cycle from Pontevedra to Valença do Minho Hotel 3*  Lara Hotel (Valença do Minho) Breakfast
5 Cycle from Valença do Minho to Viana do Castelo Hotel 3*  Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo) Breakfast
6 Cycle from Viana do Castelo to Vila do Conde Hotel 3*  Brazão Hotel (Vila do Conde) Breakfast
7 Cycle from Vila do Conde to Porto Hotel 3*  América Hotel (Porto) Breakfast
8 Departure from Porto    Breakfast

1: Arrival at Porto airport and transfer to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Overnight: Hotel 2*  Windsor Hotel

The day start with your reception at the airport, or other place previously arranged.
It follows a 2h30  transfer to Santiago de Compostela city and your accommodation.
After Check-in a comprehensive information pack will be handled to you and also the bike fitting for you.
Santiago atmosphere is wonderful, ancient and new are together in hand.
The old quarter and its  history, the new of the surrounding town and new museums…

2: Cycle from Santiago to Padrón

Overnight: Hotel 2*  Rosalia Hotel (Padron)
Meals: Breakfast

This is the smallest day of cycling of your entire cycling trip towards Porto.
So, if you want to make that last visit in Santiago de Compostela go for it.
You are now starting the pilgrims way of Saint James, but in the opposite direction.
So now instead of looking for the yellow arrow, you will find a Blue one that points in the opposite way. This is the Fatima Way.
As you exit Santiago de Compostela you follow some streets and some roads that are taking you away from the centre and the city itself.
And as the distance between the city and your goal today increases rurality does the same. More and more, fields and woodlands become the scenery of the day.
Cycle 26,4km | 1H30»2H | + 340m | - 580m

3: Cycle from Padrón to Pontevedra

Overnight: Hotel 2*  Avenida Hotel (Pontevedra)
Meals: Breakfast

Leaving Saint James Church in Padrón the path follows south to river Ulla, place where the body of the Apostol landed in Galicia this a few hundred years ago.
Now following more or less close the N550 you’ll get to Caldas de Reis.
Place of thermal bath long used by the romans. Nowadays a perfect spot to rest and enjoy along the camino.
Woodlands, vineyards, farmland are the main scenery along this day from Padrón to Pontevedra.
Just before Pontevedra, the protected wetlands offer good opportunities to the birdwatchers.  
Entering Pontevedra is wonderful as you cross into the historical are via the roman bridge….
Granitic old quarter awaits you for a last stop for visits before your hotel…
Cycling 42,6km | 3H30»4H | + 670m | - 650m

4: Cycle from Pontevedra to Valença do Minho

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Lara Hotel (Valença do Minho)
Meals: Breakfast

The roughest day of all journey to Porto: 3 hilltops to win before rest already in Portugal.
Once again the rural Galicia is on is best, Eucalyptus forest, woodlands and little parcels of agriculture punctuate the day.
Redondela by the ria, fjord like entrance of the sea inland, make a unique view as you arrive into town from the first hilltop.
From here one other going up toward Porriño and Tuy.
This later one have one historical centre worth of some time to explore.
The Cathedral and surrounding streets are of great historical value.
Valença is just over the river, with its fortress looking forward to you….
Cycle 55,9Km | 4H»5H30 |+ 1130m | - 1100m

5: Cycle from Valença do Minho to Viana do Castelo

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Rali Viana Hotel (viana do Castelo)
Meals: Breakfast

Magnificent day of easy cycling along the river Minho Cycling path.
We leave Spain on the other side and follow the river to its estuary.
The gentle path lead you to several historical towns, of castle, fortress and medieval churches.
Vila Nova de Cerveira and Caminha are stunning…
Soon we are longing the Atlantic to reach Viana do Castelo, small beach resorts and towns are along the easy ride and cycle path.
Thru agriculture land we arrive at Viana, natural port by the river lima, it offer a wonderful place to stop and enjoy Minho’s cuisine.
The historical center is unique among the northern cities and towns. Here river, sea and mountain come together creating this amazing city: Viana do Castelo.
Cycle 58,2km | 4H»5H30 | + 480m | - 540m

6: Cycle from Viana do Castelo to Vila do Conde

Overnight: Hotel 3*  Brazão Hotel (Vila do Conde)
Meals: Breakfast

Out of Viana do Castelo over the Eiffel bridge and south, is how the day start.
Along the coastline toward Esposende you will be following once the bridge cross at the Neiva river the Saint James Path.
The coastal one, and in the opposite direction. Small towns and villages carry this historical path.
Esposende by the cavado river estuary is the perfect place to stop and enjoy the place, by the beach or visiting the little streets of the old quarter.
The Litoral Norte natural area is just out of Esposende, a protected area of sandy dunes and pine woods.
Thru agricultural land, vegetables , potatoes, onions and lot more are produced here and found their way into the wonderful cuisine of the region.
Povoa de Varzim is near and is a well know beach area in the north of Portugal. Little more and Vila do Conde is reached.
Historical place of both the Saint James path and the shipyards of caravels, one still here to be visit….
Cycle 52,4km | 4H»5H | + 430m | - 420m

7: Cycle from Vila do Conde to Porto

Overnight: Hotel 3*  América Hotel (Porto)
Meals: Breakfast

Vila do Conde port is smal but carries the historical site of the building of vessels for the discoveries in the XIV and XV centuries.
Now until Porto the path will follow in the opposite direction the variant of Saint James Path, this time to Porto.
Cycling paths will lead you crossing sand dunes, a bird sanctuary  and hopping from beach to beach.
And even a Iron settlement unique as its the only one by the beach is all Iberian peninsula!!
Passing thru Matosinhos and its mobile bridge. Longing the Port and by the front Beach you reach the Fortress of Castelo do Queijo. You are entering Porto.
Continue cycling the lane and you’ll reach the mighty Douro river and soon the center UNESCO world heritage site.
One marvellous site, and once again history is present. By the river is of medieval times, as you start to climb away from the Douro...
The final pedaling stage is along XIII century town... And some from XIX c. to arrive at  your hotel.
Cycle 37,3km | 2H30»3H |+ 530m | - 400m

8: Departure from Porto

Meals: Breakfast

If you still have time, take a visit to some highlights of Porto, they are just of walking distance from your Hotel.
A transfer will be organise to your schedules and meet you to transfer you at the Airport.

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* Welcome transfer at Porto Airport or train Station to Santiago de Compostela Hotel. (other please inquire)
* Briefing at the Hotel with handover of documentation and Gps Device for navigation.
* Gps For Navigation (How to use tuition at briefing).
* Booklet with detailed information for your tour, including maps.
* Luggage transfer during Hike, Hotel to Hotel ( 1 Luggage per person Up to 18kg).
* Phone assistance during all journey.
* Portuguese phone for assistance 24/7 .
* 7 nights lodging on Comfort (2*/3*) accommodations on BB basis.
* Final transfer from Hotel in Porto to Airport or Train Station.
* Liability and personal accident insurance.

* Bicycle rent ( see Bike Rental)
* Single Room Supplement
* Lunch, dinners.
* Personal expenses.
* Extra Days for visit or rest
* other transfer not listed
Bike Rental

* 6 Day Cycling Trekking Bike rent (120€ per Bike)
* 6 Day Cycling E-Bike Rent (150€ per E-Bike)
Bike rental includes helmet, handlebar bag + small rear bag, pump, extra inner tube, toolkit and locks

* Second Luggage Transfer (up to 15kg)
Bike Rental

Optional services

* Extra days for rest or Visits
* Second Luggage Transfer (up to 15kg)
* Support vehicle (ask quotation)

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