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Helder Cerejo
Operations manager and Guide

Helder was born in a small village of Wallonia, in Belgium. He moved to Portugal before he was a teenager and he quickly fell in love with the local nature and beauty. He worked for years in the industry, with his mind set in the world outside.
In 2008, he started a new chapter his life and finally gave wings to his dreams. He studied Sports and Leisure and is now a hiking monitor for the Portuguese Federation of Camping and Mountaineering.
Helder is a lover of nature and the local culture. He is fond of the spiritual element that resides in each journey and he is a passionate supporter of trekking and adventure trips, welcoming them as a source of constant learning. He does not collect peaks, but instead the emotions, landscapes and inspiration that he finds in each natural scenario. Abroad, the Arctic and the boreal forests have left their mark in him forever; Patagonia seduced him and changed his life; ever since he never stopped looking for places away from the crowds and the noise. From those places he became fluent in English, French, Spanish and even a little fluent in Finnish. In Portugal, he searches for the authentic and its people, from the green landscapes of Minho to the vine terraces of the Douro. Further south, from the small towns with its houses made of shale to the karstic hills in the south… Portugal is so diverse, making it fabulous to explore.
He lives life step by step and tries to offer the same philosophy to those who accompany him.
A good «feijoada» is his best reward in cold days…

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