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Francisco Tomé

I was born in Lisbon in 1984. I grew-up in Portugal, surrounded by many historical and ancient sights and lots of beautiful sceneries. I soon developed a genuine love for travelling and sharing my discoveries with others.
After a degree in Management and Business Administration and an experience of 8 years working for a large German Technological Corporation, I decided to change my life. Driven by my passion for sports, travelling and discovering more about our world, I permanently activated my Out-of-Office.
For the next years I became a sailor, working in Super-Yachts in the Mediterranean Sea, making sailing boat transports around Europe and working as a tour guide in Lisbon, sharing the amazing history of the city and its monuments by boat in the Tagus River.
Now my main career objective is to play a more significant role in promoting Portugal specifically through tourism, by sharing all of my experience, knowledge and passion for my country.

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