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Carla Henriques

Hi, I'm Carla, a girl born in Lisbon, in 1982, who inherited the curiosity of my ancestors in seeing the world. Growing up I always traveled with my family in Portugal, doing roadtrips and camping sometimes from north to south, and after came the adventures with friends exploring also the rest of Europe. I graduated in environmental engineering, lived in Spain for my first intership, and worked after in a german company for 7 years. During this time I was involved in diferent projects in tourism, including walking tours in Lisbon, and of course that all the time out from work was to travel. So when the opportunity came, I decided to change my life and went traveling for 2 years in Asia. Coming back I changed career for good and started working as a tour guide, full time. Of course that I still travel every chance I get, more recently discovering north, central and south america.
I love photography, I always have a book to read and I'm addicted in documentaries and movies. I've tried all kinds of sports related to water, from kayaking to kitesurf, but scuba diving was the one that really got me addicted. Outside the water, I do a lot of trekking and I'm always trying to learn some new kind of handcraft. I'm also one of the few persons in the world that doesn't like cheese, and I can tell you this in 4 different languages: portuguese, english, spanish and italian.
But, as much as I travel, there's nothing like coming back to Portugal, a country that for a long time was a hidden treasure of Europe. With the sunniest capital city of the continent, has great food and wine to go with it, centuries of history better than any season of Game of Thrones, and of course, the kind people that will always welcome you with a smile. Don't forget to try some "Bacalhau à Lagareiro", one of my favourite dishes, enjoying a coastal view when you come for a visit.

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